Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Tech, it is a-changing

Originally posted on Facebook 13/10/12

So, I'm sat here on my crappy laptop - The processor's not fast enough, it's not got enough memory and Windows keeps telling me that I'm running low on disk space - Chrome chugs like a diseased tugboat and IE won't even run.

What're the specs? it's got a 32bit - 1.4Ghz processor, two 10Gig HDDs (The C: drive has 100Meg free) and 384Meg of RAM.

30 years ago, my first computer had an 8bit - 3.25Mhz (Not Ghz - 1720 times slower) processor, no HDD and 16K (Not Meg - 24,000 times smaller) of RAM and it ran like a dream, it never slowed down, hardly ever crashed and every single game I bought for it worked first time.

OK, it used to get a bit hot occasionally (Hot enough to melt the varnish on my brother's coffee table in fact) and sometimes the extra 15K of RAM would would wobble and/or fall off, but it would never just sit there looking at you going 'what?' as everything froze and the HDD thrashed itself into oblivion.

Moore's Law? Less' Law more like it

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