Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Go-Kat Diet [Edited Meme]

Originally posted on Facebook 24/10/12

So, as the few of you that have met my cat will attest to - She has a pretty loud meow. We ran out of food a couple of days ago and she just wouldn't shut up. Fearing for my sanity (and not being able to lock her in the soundproof cupboard) I took a trip to Asda. (Walmart)

I walked up and down the aisles, but couldn't think of anything else that I actually needed - So all I got was one of the giant bags of Go-Kat, put it in the trolley and walked to the checkout.

It was pretty busy, and there were a couple of people in the queue behind me. After a few minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned around, and the woman behind me said 'Snap! Do you have a cat too?'

I looked at her trolley, noticed that she had the same brand of catfood in there, adjusted my face to 'really serious' and replied 'No, I'm going to try the Go-Kat diet again, even though I ended up in hospital last time!'
'Diet?' She asked
'Yeah, it's a complete food, so you just put a load of the biscuits in each of your pockets and eat some whenever you're hungry'
'Oh! OK, are they poisonous to humans though?' She asked, in a very concerned voice, 'Is that why you ended up in hospital?'
'No,' I replied, 'I had this sudden urge to defecate in my next door neighbour's garden, and he ran me over with his lawn-mower'

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