Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Monsters of Rock 1981

Originally posted on Facebook 20/5/12

I commented on a friend of mine's status update earlier, to the effect that I agreed with her that Guns 'n' Roses were pretty good live, and that the first time I had seen them was some twenty-four years ago, in 1988, at Monsters of Rock.

Little Baby Jebus, that made me feel old! - Right up until I remembered that that wasn't my first MoR, no, that had been in 1981, when I was 13!

If I'm honest, I can't remember a great deal about it, other that I really wanted Blue Oyster Cult to be great, as I'd just bought 'On your feet or on your knees', their 1975 live album, second hand, from Way Ahead Records, in the Main Center. But they weren't, the sound was rubbish and they didn't play 'I ain't got you' which was, and still is, my favourite live BOC track.

Didn't pay much attention to More or Blackfoot, as I didn't know much of their stuff... Slade were, well, Slade really - they got the crowd going a treat as usual...

Now, I didn't think much to Whitesnake previous to this, As I thought David Coverdale was a bit of a posturing git that seemed to permanently want to procreate with his microphone stand. But their set was brilliant - I think I even sang, well, shouted, along to 'Don't Break my Heart again'

AC/DC were the headliners - And were, as ever, absolutely kitten manglingly brilliant. The lead-singer, Brian Johnson, was still fairly new, as Bon Scott had only died (I think) the year before - But they were pretty much faultless - As faultless as a bunch of Aussies (one wearing his school uniform) and a Geordie can be at least!

Just under 31 years ago... Good God!

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