Wednesday, 21 November 2012

All Olympic'd out

Origianlly posted on Facebook 30/7/12

So I want to see the local news... I turn on BBC 1 just before the hour this morning, sit back and watch the Olympic Rowing quarter finals or something for ten minutes.

So I look on the TV Guide and realise that the BBC morning news is now the BBC morning olympics coverage. I go to the 'News' section of the TV guide, select 'BBC News'

And see the rowing again...

Now I'm probably being grumpy, and you might say that the olympics is a big thing and it's only once every four years - But I would much rather see Lord Coe et al on our brand new olympic-sized skating rink trying to get away from a gross of badly shaved rabid warthogs than have this namby-pamby runney-roundey, jumpey-uppey, throwey-stuffey, floppey-aboutey, timey-wimey, 'Oh! aren't we all so bloody athletic', spandex covered sausage fest thrust at me on every channel known to man or super-intelligent shade of the colour blue.

And yes, I spelled olympics with a lower-case 'o' on purpose - Hmph!

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