Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hello, Good Morning and Welcome...


You're probably wondering why I've asked you here?

I've been posting inane claptrap on Facebook for a few years now, in fact most of my adult life has been characterised by its high claptrap quotient, in my time I have made a great many people angry and uncomfortable with my opinionated spouting.

But I've made more people laugh, and those people convinced me that I should bring a little bit of 'Lolage' into the lives of the Hoy-polloy (That's you, that is) by starting a blog, so I did.

And this is it.

I can't guarantee that it's all going to be funny, or original (I have a congenital defect called Plagurissimus Neologosia which means I occasionally shamelessly steal other Internet Memes, edit them, and pass them off as my own - It's an illness, I can't help it.)

It might even make you think, probably it will make you think 'Why am I reading this rubbish?'  But keep going, if it doesn't make you smile, or nod, I'll give you your money back.*

So, sit back, relax, and have a quick read.  It won't take long, feel free to comment

Please note, the next few posts will be Facebook posts from the mists of history - I'll get on with the new stuff a bit later.

* No monetary refund will be made - This is a lie... Well, not this bit, the other bit, up there where I said 'Give you your money back' - Not gonna happen, I don't have any

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