Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dads 'n' Kids Advert

Origianlly posted on Facebook 9/6/12

PLEASE NOTE - This was an advert that I put on Facebook for a Dads 'n' Kids group that I (sort of) help out at, run from my local Church in Derby - It runs every 1st Saturday AFTER the 1st Thursday of every month - It's still running if anyone would like to come. (TCD)

So, it'll soon be time for another 'Dads 'n' Kids' morning - in about three hours in fact...

Come listen to good music, eat bacon, read newspapers, eat bacon, play on the Wii, eat bacon, watch cartoons, eat bacon, drink coffee, eat bacon and possibly decorate cakes...

There was a rumour about cake decorating, I can neither confirm nor deny this.
Open to any male parent, carer or owner-operator of children - Must bring a child (or bacon) to gain admittance, if you do not have a child, we have a number of spares that can be provided on a first come, first served basis.

Anywho - St Mary's Church - Boulton Lane, Alvaston, Derby - 10ish 'til 12ish (No religiousness whatsoever, unless you bring it yourself in a resealable box)

In fact, the only vaguely religious thing that ever happens is that the local vicar often arrives and performs the "Miracle of the disappearing bacon sandwiches" - I think his current record is seven - If that doesn't make him worthy of Canonisation, I don't know what does.

Be there... It's great!... Well... it's pretty good... I mean, it's not Star Wars on Ice or anything... I'll be there... That's gotta count for something... There'll be other people who are cool too... Probably...

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