Thursday, 16 May 2013

Я очень популярны в России

Firstly, another apology... Three days without a Blog!

What was I thinking?

Well, Monday and Tuesday I wholeheartedly blame on my day-job.  Lots of documentation that needed doing, lots of research, lots of boring stuff that pays the bills.

Yesterday I spent lolling in my pit until I felt strong enough to drag myself to the sofa and watch the final episode of 'American Horror Story: Asylum' (That I Sky+'d about 15 years ago) and had a bit of a cry when I realised that Mrs Dandy had deleted all the old episodes of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' that I was saving for those days when I feel like an eight year old...

(No, not like that... You maggots!)

Anywho, a mixture of various painkillers, glucose drinks and sheer bloodymindedness has seen me drag my weary old frame the fifty miles to work, on my hands and knees, so that I can waffle to you ungrateful lot about the square-root of bugger all whilst someone pays me to do something completely different. (Although, in fairness, I did send a couple of mails from my deathbed yesterday - So I class that as working from home - Guilt assuaged)

Secondly, the title of this post could probably do with some explaining.  recently, I've been getting rather more than usual hits from search engines, and not from my regular 'Things you can type into Google where the Blog is the first Hit' Twitter posts -

Today's is 'Nude Pangolin is House of Lords IT guru' by the way, just so as you know.

No, these hits are from the Russian language search engine (as I think I might have mentioned when it originally started happening).  The three search terms that they are using are 'The Doors Lock', 'The Internet Saying' and 'I Sit Here on the Verge' - These have stormed to the top of the Most popular searches ever with around 60 instances between them.

I would love to know what they're actually searching for, as I've tried doing it myself and just get a random selection of unconnected page results... Maybe someone cleverer than me can let me know - Or if you're a Russian person, whose English is better than my Russian - Which wouldn't be difficult as I'm pretty much lost after Spasibo (спасибо) - Please leave a comment as to what you're actually looking for, I'd be really appreciative.

Not... That... Appreciative. Sheesh dude, you literally have one track minds... I wouldn't even know how to do half the things you're thinking about!

If this Blog was written in real-time... There'd be a huge gap just there ^ as I've been away from my desk for the past hour 'Doing the post'

I work for a large, multinational (hairdressing) company... Who still does their post manually. five people from various sections of the office come together every fortnight, in a spirit of co-operation and harmony and take post out of pigeonholes, stuff it into a brown envelopes, stick a label on it and send it for franking...

Which is exactly why I got into IT...

Stuffing hairdressers payslips into envelopes...

You ever get the feeling that your life isn't going in completely the right direction?

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