Wednesday, 2 November 2016

I think ladies are nice

I came across (Easy Tiger) an old Facebook post just now... Originally posted by me on the 2nd November 2015. It struck me as odd that I'd published it as a Facebook post rather than a blog post - And I'm sure I must have had my reasons at the time... I'm buggered if I remember why it was - Maybe I did post it as a blog and I just can't find it. Maybe someone called me a Misogynist?

Seems unlikely though.

It's about ladies, and lovely they are - It's only short, but in my defence, it is currently quite cold, weather-wise

As ever, let me know if you have 'Views'


You know what I've never understood? I've never understood why a heterosexual male finding women attractive is in some way wrong. (I'm going to take a second to apologise to all the non heterosexuals, and non males out there... Usually I'm all about inclusion and suchlike, but I'm sure you have your own struggles that are equally valid and confusing - but it's just not what I'm talking about here)

What I'm talking about is how, on those occasions where a female person presents themselves objectively, (i.e. as an object of sublime beauty, perhaps in a provocative photograph or similar) the observer can be labelled as perverse for reacting in exactly the way it was intended for them to react.

Maybe I'm too old-fashioned, maybe I've taken my affected anachronism too far... Maybe I'm just missing something that is glaringly obvious to a more educated person but... Why is acknowledging something as beautiful as the female human form as actually being beautiful, wrong?

I'm not talking about pornographic images... They service a specific 'need' I suppose. I don't mean naked pictures either. Nor do I mean the 'lowest common denominator' amateur glamour shot as you'd see in lads mags (boobs and teeth sweetie, boobs and teeth - make love to the camera... Knees apart so we can catch a glimpse of your 2 for 1 Primark panties - no... leave the tags on, it'll be fine)

I mean a staged shot, of a beautiful woman, perhaps in an exotic setting, perhaps astride a powerful motorcycle - designed specifically to be attractive to heterosexual men...

Am I somehow less of a person because of my knee-jerk reaction? (finding my chosen complementary sex attractive) am I a misogynist proto-rapist for not acknowledging the struggle behind the scenes, the tears of the young lady in question as she brought up a young child on her own after being abandoned by her parents due to some imagined slight on their part?

I like women, women are great, there are women I find physically attractive, there are women I find psychologically attractive, there are women I find emotionally attractive (if I know you, and you tick two of those boxes, we have probably had some kind of relationship in the past... If you tick all three, I'm probably married to you as we speak) but why-oh-why am I considered to be a sad old pervert for finding someone attractive?

I know that I'd never have a physical relationship with these women, I'm fat and bald and almost 50 and to be honest, I'm not sure I could stand the drama anymore, but that's not the point... I know that none of these people would never even pick me out of a lineup if the question was 'if you had to be intimate with a man or be shot in the face by a terrorist which would you pick'. It's an entirely one-way, meaningless in the grand scheme of things, thing - so why is it so terrible? Does the interest have to be reciprocated to validate it?

If it is, then that's a really high bar... And I'm not sure anyone could clear it.

If I'm missing something, let me know... I'd love for this mystery to be solved

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