Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What a long, strange, trip it's been.

Well, actually, no, it hasn't - I mean it's only been three weeks (and a day, for those of a more hawk-eyed persuasion) but we've smashed through the 1,000 hits ceiling. That's like an average of about 45ish hits per day!


Who'da thunk that an odd fat bloke, spouting rubbish, could make people waste their valuable time for no financial reward? Not me, certainly. I'm the Captain of the HMS Suprised, sailing out of The small South-Seas port of HaventYouLotGotAnythingBetterToDo.


Anywho, I suppose I'd better give you lot what you came for, rather than this self-congratulatory nonsence. If only I knew what it is you people actually wanted!

When I got home from work last night, there was a package waiting for me, it was some very good friends of mine who now reside in (or near at least) Boston MA. It was squidgy and soft, my first thought was that it was the possum gizzards that I'd asked them to look out for, but no.

It was a rather spiffing T-Shirt with the slogan Boba Fett for President

I was immensely pleased with this item as Mr Fett is my favourite:

  • Mandalorian
  • Sarlacc survivor
  • Star Wars character

(Thinking about it, if I'd changed the order of that list a little I could have saved me some typing - Hey, I don't pay by the character, stuff it!)

The thing is, I have no idea why he's my favourite - I mean, he wears an outfit cobbled together from a boilersuit, BMX pads and shoes that look as if they're made by Converse, he doesn't say very much in the way of pithy one-liners, every time he uses his jet-pack it always ends up with him having some wacky flight control problems and he doesn't seem to be able to shoot straight to save his life.

If you just take your view of Bubba Boba from the films then he's a bit of a loser, But then you think - The poor kid's earliest defining moment was prising his Dad's still warm head out of his helmet with a fish-slice, so I guess we should maybe cut him some slack.

I think it might be the idea of Boba Fett that I like rather than the reality (reality of a fictional character? - wheels within wheels dude!) The merchandising, the mythosaur skull logo - He's like an Intergalactic James Bond flying an orbital sander, the 'Bad' version of Han Solo.

I don't know, and it doesn't really matter. He's totally Badass

What I do know is that I'm wearing the shirt to work on Friday, before my daughter steals it and I never see it again


  1. Wear it to work? Shurely shome mistake?

    It's a collectible, and should be treated as such so I suggest you encase it Carboniferous material and hang it on the wall!

  2. No problem with Boba Fett as leader - maybe the Prime Minister we need!

    Do not let the T-shirt out of your sight or possession. If it needs washing, take it to a laundrette and wait.